The health and safety of our guests is our top priority. That’s why bowling centers throughout the Grand Rapids area have set a number of rules to ensure that we abide by state and local requirements, and that we conduct business in a safe and healthy manner.

We Promise

To redouble our efforts to keep a clean and welcoming environment. This includes:

  • Thoroughly cleaning tables and chairs after every group;
  • Sanitizing bowling balls and shoes after every use;
  • Regularly cleaning and sanitizing touchpoints and surfaces;
  • Accessible hand sanitizer to all guests;
  • Checking the temperature of staff prior to beginning their shifts;
  • Ensuring that all staff will wear face masks and adhere to social distancing guidelines; and
  • Ensuring that all customers can enjoy the sport of bowling while maintaining social distancing.

In Return

We ask that you help us ensure the safety of all guests by adhering to the following rules.

  1. Masks must be worn at all times, except when eating or drinking. While seated at a table, bowlers may remove their mask in order to eat or drink. Masks must be worn while walking throughout the facility, walking to the restrooms, selling tickets, entering and leaving, etc.
  2. Masks must be worn while bowling. Per current mandate, a mask is required for all bowlers while bowling.
  3. If you are feeling ill, or have been around someone with a confirmed case of coronavirus, do not enter the facility.
  4. Practice will occur with one team bowling at a time, starting with the left lane. Five minutes of practice will be provided to each team, unless otherwise stated by the center or league rules.
  5. When bowling, give space to the bowlers to your immediate left and right. We all know how to practice lane courtesy, but try to allow additional space while doing so.
  6. Guests must check-in at the bowling counter. To comply with contact tracing requirements, we must take down the name and phone number of everyone who enters our center. This information will not be used for marketing purposes, and will only be used if requested by public health officials.
  7. Rental shoes and house balls, if used, should be left at your lane, and our staff will sanitize them before putting them away.
  8. Vaping and smoking are prohibited inside the building.
  9. Groups are currently limited to 10 persons. This limit includes all guests, whether they are bowling or not.
  10. Center capacity may be limited, to ensure that an appropriate number of guests are in the center. Depending on circumstances, league guests may be limited or banned to ensure compliance with this.

These rules may be subject to change as we go forward, or to comply with new state/local guidelines. Thank you for your cooperation.